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Local renewable energy is used to power the charging company’s fleet customers

Amply Power has announced that its electric fleet clients in California will receive 100% clean energy. To assist mitigate the consequences of climate change, the charging-as-a-service (CaaS) supplier ensures that its fleet clients use only California-sourced renewable energy from solar sources and wind. Amply claims to be managing numerous gigawatt-hours of energy for its California clients each year.

Amply said, it is using its proprietary charge management program, Omega, to measure and aggregate megawatt-hours of electricity consumed by its California clients and buy renewable energy credits to be able to cover the power utilized. The renewable energy endeavor, according to Amply, complements its total electric fleet charging solution by ensuring that every electric vehicle is filled with renewable energy and ready to work each day in return for the price-per-mile-driven cost. The company’s software optimizes the vehicle charging to reduce energy expenditures and increase vehicle uptime.

“We’ve truly ‘flipped the switch to offer 100 percent renewable energy to all of our clients, namely Solano County Transit, Tri Delta Transit, Palermo Unified School District, and others,” Amply Power CEO Vic Shao stated. “This not only aids in the achievement of national decarbonization goals, but it also assists customers in lowering Scope 2 greenhouse gas emissions. This renewable energy project assures that our client’s vehicles are truly emission-free, without incurring the substantial expenditures of generating and keeping renewable energy on-site.”

Amply claims that Tri Delta Transit serves as a great example of how you can successfully switch fossil fuel-powered fleets to the electric and save money while lowering your carbon impact. In California, the company has collaborated with various transit agencies, school bus companies, and trucking fleets, with ambitions to spread the effort to other states in the future.

“Assuring that the power we are utilizing is renewable and carbon-neutral, continuing our commitment to zero-emission transportation, is critical for any transit authority wanting to make the changeover to electric vehicle operations,” stated Steve Ponte the chief operating officer of the Tri Delta Transit. “With its intelligent charging-as-a-service technology, Amply is over-delivering on this promise, ultimately helping us save 40%.”

Amply Power is a full-service electric vehicle charging & energy management supplier for fleets of trucks, light-duty vehicles buses, and vans. Tri Delta Transit serves a population of 250,000 people in Eastern Contra Costa County’s 225 square miles with over three million journeys per year. It runs 15 local bus routes, four-weekend local bus routes, door-to-door transportation for seniors and persons with disabilities, and numerous shuttle services to the community events.