Last of Us 3 RETURNS with Ashley and Shannon in the upcoming season

The last of Us part 3 is an adventurous video game that Naughty Dog made after many years of his struggle. Play Station 4 has accepted to store the game in its’ menu where the fans can play it. The gamers have liked it a lot, to be honest. Reviews show so much appreciation that it has turned out to be one of the most attractive video games ever. The LOU is a 2013 adventure game which has two casts as their protagonist. One is Ellie, and another is his father, Joel. He has to fight with the world to save his girl from being examined for Cordyceps fungus.

The Release Date of Last of Us 3:

This video game has undoubtedly won the fan’s heart. Naughty Dog decided to announce the date just before its’ release. During Sony’s State of play presentation in September 2019, Naughty Dog announced the release of its’ second part on February 21, 2020. Later it got postponed due to logistical problems of COVID-19 pandemic. It was surely a piece of sad news for the fans as they have waited years for it. On April 27, Sony’s Play station announced its’ release date in June 2020. Naughty Dog hasn’t announced The third part of it yet. It must release after this pandemic gets over.

The Cast of Last of Us 3:

The following are there to cast Season II:

  • Troy Baker as Joel
  • Ashley Johnson will be playing Ellie
  • Jeffrey Pierce will be playing Tommy
  • Stephen Chang will be playing Jesse
  • Shannon Woodward as Dina
  • Laura Bailey as Abby
  • Ashly Burch as Mel
  • Ian Alexandar will play Lev
  • Victoria Grace will play Yara
  • Patrick Fugit will play Owen.

The Plot of Last of Us Part 3:

Last of Us II series is a great video game to be played. Trust me, its’ Graphics, gameplay, and storyline have some superior quality. The unsatisfying ending, which focuses on the author, made it worthy of continuing the series further. Although many of the viewers have a debatable question regarding its’ end, here we are to clear the doubts.

Part II ends with Ellie taking revenge with Abby, who took Joel’s life. When Ellie came back to the firm house, Dina was not there. Seeing this, broke Ellie, and she tried to play guitar. After some time, she left the house for searching for another meaning of life. Or maybe for the search of his girlfriend Dina and her child?

Part III may focus on Tommy, who may come in contact with Ellie once again to give her direction about what to do. Elli left Abby alive because she realizes that Abby has done nothing wrong in her perspective by killing Joe. So part III may crash Abby with Ellie. Either they maybe become friends for saving each other’s life or may become rivals for killing their fathers. So, season 3 must be an interesting one. Till then, stay tuned for further updates.

The Storyline of Last of Us Part 3:

Every character of the series is essential. The story begins with Joel explaining Tommy that he has lied to Ellie. He said to Ellie that she was not the only immune person upon whom doctors are experimenting for fungal infection. It’s his false statement that Ellie later got to know. Joel murdered many doctors brutally to save his daughter. Abby is the daughter of one of those doctors who died because of Joel. She decides to take revenge on Joel. During this, she losses her love, Owen and friend Mel. Abby murders Joel brutally in front of Ellie. Ellie takes revenge on Abby by finding her Hiding Dome. But Ellie leaves her knowing that Abby is also right as she was seeking revenge for his father’s murder. The season ends, seeing us that Ellie is holding a guitar. She breaks down while realizing love Dina has left her. She walks away from the firm house.


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