Is Danita Tutt Still in Jail? Here’s All You Need To Know

Danita Tutt

The new arrangement on A&E, Accused: Guilty or Innocent? returns on April 28 with its subsequent scene named “Endeavored Murder or Protective Mother?” The show investigates the instance of Danita Thetford Tutt, a mother from Cleburne, Texas, who was blamed in 2016 for endeavoring to kill her child, Colby Tutt. The arraignment claimed that Tutt harmed her child through pointless medical procedures and afterward retained food from him trying to starve him. Tutt denied these charges, saying that she just followed the proposals from specialists and hospice laborers. 

The A&E arrangement investigates cases from the viewpoint of the individual blamed for wrongdoing through the preliminary, their protection, and their decision, all seen through the focal points of the safeguarding group and the charged and their family. The show debuted a week ago with the instance of Bryan Steven Lawson, and it investigated whether he killed his significant other or murdered her in self-protection.


When watching Tutt’s story on this week’s episode, a lot of viewers may be wondering, where is Danita Tutt now?

Danita Tutt

In October 2018, a Tarrant County jury saw Tutt as liable for one tally of causing her kid genuine real injury and one tally of endeavored murder for denying supplements and food of her youngster. The jury thought for five days before restoring the decision. A couple of days after the fact, on October 26, 2018, Tutt was condemned to five years in jail for injury to a kid and a suggested 10 years of probation for endeavored murder. 

At that point, one of Tutt’s guard lawyers, Terri Moore, said: “She’s crushed. There’s for sure. She’s shattered. She’s level all over the present moment. She’s not someone who has ever really thought about investing energy in the town hall. No one knows the pressure of being investigated until it happens to them.” Moore added that the specialists who focused on Colby should bear the responsibility for what occurred, for persuading Tutt that her child was critically ill and passing on. 

In a new explanation to Heavy, Moore said, “It keeps on making me debilitated to my stomach when I consider Danita. She is an honest youthful mother. The jury blew it,” adding that she accepts the jury was influenced by the media inclusion of the case paving the way to the preliminary that painted Tutt in a negative light.

Danita Is Still in Prison Today & She Is Not Eligible for Parole Until 2021

As indicated by prisoner records at the Texas Department of Criminal Justice site, Tutt is condemned to prison until October 17, 2023. She is carrying out her punishment in the William P. Diversion Unit, a jail for ladies in Falls County, Texas. She is qualified for parole on April 18, 2021. As per her record, she was at that point denied parole on May 25, 2019, because of the idea of the case. 

Her offense is recorded as injury to a kid, dated May 4, 2016. She was condemned in Tarrant County for a very long time on October 26, 2018. In an email to Heavy, Moore said, “Danita is a tough lady profoundly dedicated to her confidence. She is utilizing her confidence to help other imprisoned ladies realize they can incline toward that confidence to invigorate them.” She added that an allure has been documented yet there has not yet been a choice. 

She said, “it’s disastrous that she must be away from her children and her child keeps on having a similar medical problem that he [had] before Danita was sentenced.”


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