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Greenlink Nevada Renewable Energy Initiative has finally proceeded to the implementation stage

The Public Utilities Commission of Nevada (PUCN) authorized the implementation of NV Energy’s Greenlink Nevada transmission and renewable energy program. NV Energy stated that Greenlink Nevada would ensure that the state moves with the clean energy transition wave by venturing into the renewable energy zones in Nevada’s western and northern parts. This move will help deploy clean energy throughout public lands, improve electric reliability for Nevada residents, and create new employment opportunities. This result will bring millions of dollars that can recuperate the economy from the coronavirus pandemic’s effects.

The chief executive of NV Energy, Doug Cannon, stated that the authorization for commencement of the first phase of the Greenlink Nevada project places the country closer to achieving environmental objectives. Moreover, the sustainable energy economy will allow the economy to get back on its feet after the pandemic’s boisterous shakeup. Doug added that they hope to collaborate with the government to establish various eco-friendly projects.

NV Energy’s investment, which exceeds $2.5 billion, will ensure that Greenlink Nevada produces $690 million of economic activity and creates about 4000 employment opportunities that also cover the skilled people. The initiative will activate 5000 megawatts of the green energy ventures throughout Nevada as well as facilitate economic growth with the emergence of an additional 2000 employment opportunities for construction which contribute tax revenue.

People can utilize these opportunities to improve their standards of living while taking the coronavirus vaccines. Additionally, the landscape will witness restructuring with the development of renewable energy infrastructure to produce electricity. Businesses will benefit from this development by expanding their utilities and meeting their customers’ needs through the provision of solutions to problems. Moreover, the decision will allow the company to start the pilot design and development of support structures to link up the facilities before they can dive into the real power projects.

The construction work will begin on the Greenlink West segment of the project to ensure that they link it to the 525 kV line from Las Vegas to Yerington in Nevada. Another similar line will involve the two 345 kV lines from Yerington into the Reno/Sparks area supplementing the demands that the former line couldn’t meet. Experts projected that the Greenlink West program could be completed and activated for operations by the end of 2026. Hopefully, the initiative can prove its worth and why the government approved its progress.