Demi Lovato is having all kinds of issues with ex-boyfriend Max Ehrich

Max Ehrich and Demi Lovato when they were together

Demi Lovato seems to be moving on from her recent breakup with Max Ehrich. After being engaged for two months, the celebrity duo announced their breakup in September. It seems they have been handling it quite differently.


Max Ehrich has been sharing insights into the romance he shared with the famous pop star on social media. Recently, he was spotted in a Malibu Beach, looking emotional and crying.


Devi Lovato, on the other hand, has been extremely quiet about her personal life. Although she has been posting pictures on social media, she has not yet publicly addressed the split.


However, according to a source, Max Ehrich is refusing to leave her alone and she is having all kinds of issues with it. It seems her ex as been trying to contact er friends and family who have all blocked him. Lovato is in touch with a lawyer regarding this.


An insider revealed that Demi wanted nothing to do with Max. She was embarrassed because Max has been sharing details of their relationship on social media. It seems he is still in denial and can’t accept the fact that the relationship is over. The singer has been reportedly spending time with her family who is supporting her.

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