Cancer claims Guitar Legend Eddie Van Halen’s life at 64

The name that would ring a bell in almost all 80s rock listeners is Eddie Van Halen. Thumping frets and storming through the stings, his strums remain unmatched even today.

The string king, aged 65, died from cancer and the world mourns over the great loss.

From holding three patents, all related to guitar to his band setting a Guinness World Record, Eddie’s journey has been incredible.

He has patents for a stringed instrument that has adjustable string tension settings and an infusion of Fender and Gibson guitar. He’s also said to invent the “guitar peghead”.

One of the most amazing feat to have been achieved by Eddie is that he was a natural learner. The amazing guitar performances were the result of self-play. he learned everything by watching other musicians.

He could never read music and had he learned to play guitar the right way, he probably wouldn’t have made it big, he once said in an interview.

Eddie had an uncredited part in Michael Jackson’s “Beat It”. the recording lasted for about an hour and he did it as a token of love for the director, Quincy Jones.

Eddie has also backed vocals and played for other great personalities like ‘Frank Sinatra’.

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