Amanda Seyfried gives birth to a second child secretly

In the recent development, the family of Amanda is now a little bigger.  Amanda Seyfried confirms that she has given birth to a second child who is a baby boy.   Amanda, who is now 34 years, keep the pregnancy and birth of the boy as a secret from all.

But now, after all, things have gone right in the couple’s life, they announce it in a good way on social media.  Amanda and her husband, Thomas Sadoski, announces the arrival of a new family member by posting a photo of a new born boy, which is the first photo of their child.

The photo comes on INARA and War Child USA page, and after that, the couple gives a sweet statement for it. 3 years ago, when their first daughter was born, they get more responsible and get knowledge about how to put efforts and commitment in the relationship.  These things are brutally affected positively, and it acts as a driving force for you in the lives.

As soon as the second son born, the work they do for the INARA and WAR child will now be act as a North Star.  Till now, the name of the son is not yet revealed, and it seems it will be soon.

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